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Ongoing Weekly Classes + Monthly Workshops

Every woman needs the tools, knowledge, and skills to protect herself and the ones she loves. Greenlake Martial Arts understands that women are often targets of violent crime and abuse; that's why we're committed to giving women a way to fight back. 

Classes taught by Certified Tsun Jo® Instructors specifically trained as Women's Self Defense Specialists. 


In our Women's Self-Defense Course you will learn and practice highly effective moves that are simple to use and proven to work. In addition, we'll be covering how to avoid dangerous situations, the psychology of fear, and the advantages you have as a woman.


We host combined lecture and physical training seminars throughout the year that cover a combination of skills and knowledge. These highly effective moves and strategies are easy to remember and simple to employ. This combination makes for a transformative and empowering self-defense experience.

This class is open to students over age 16, and students 13-16 may attend if accompanied by an adult. All students under age 18 require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Looking to schedule a self-defense seminar for yourself of your group?

Contact us to set up a class!

"I attended the Women's Self-Defense Workshop, and having little to no knowledge of martial arts, I had no idea what to expect. Well, this class was a blast! I learned so much, the instructors were patient (very important to strong but uncoordinated people like me!), and I left the session fully energized and armed with great techniques. Highly recommended and fun." ~ Rae

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