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  • How do I get started?
    New Students You can get started by signing up for a trial class or a workshop. You can sign up for the next available opportunity by following this link We also offer Self-Defense Seminars including Women's Self-Defense New students who want to train in-person, need to begin with a 2-hour self-defense essentials course Former / Current Students Choose a membership that works best for you. If you have an existing account, please email the school to notify us of your change. Youth Training Options Online For youth, we are offering an on-demand program called Virtual superHERO which consists of 24 videos that combine martial arts training, goal setting and progress tracking. Check out more here: In-Person At this time, we offer private training year around. During the school year, we have partnered with elementary schools in the Seattle area to offer enrichments classes. Check your school's enrichment program offerings or email us at for more information.
  • What is Tsun Jo®? A survival self-defense method
    Tsun Jo® is a survival self-defense method. The goal of this self defense method is to end the altercation as quickly as possible. It is an engineered system that seeks to make the most of what each individual has, if and when they have to fight for self-protection. The training in Tsun Jo® is designed in such a way so that the student learns very simple and direct moves at the beginning that can be used for self-defense immediately. More nuanced moves are integrated over time as the student progresses so that the information learned at every phase can be integrated and used when needed. All moves trained are highly practical for survival self-defense. Using fast & powerful strikes, low kicks, street-practical grappling and efficient body motion, students learn to interrupt, blend and redirect an opponent’s attack. This method is extremely effective, highly efficient and seeks maximum adaptability.
  • Who is Tsun Jo® for?
    It is for those who want to develop an exceptional skill set for survival self defense. Because this method relies on leverage, maximizing speed and responses as well as simplied decision making skills, this method works well for small or large people, male or female. It makes the most of what an individual has, if or, when they have to fight. It is for people who want the confidence and skill to deal with anyone who may mean you harm. It is for people want maximum results for the time invested in their training.
  • Does Tsun Jo® include ground defense?
    Our standard curriculum covers the essentials so that you can be prepared if a fight moves to the ground. We focus on highly important self defense elements while giving students a cohesive skillset to deal with opponents if the altercation is taken to the ground. This can include defense against takedowns, defending strikes, bites or kicks and other real world threats. In addition to a variety of defenses, we teach how to apply high percentage chokes, locks and holds to best prepare students for a successful outcome.
  • Is there a focus on physical conditioning?
    Yes, every class has bag and target training (head bags, heavy bags, kicking shields, etc), where we practice high reps for skills. This is a combination of skill work and cardio which serves as an extended warm-up and physical conditioning. We also perform bodyweight exercises to build strength.
  • Do you teach classes for women only?
    Yes, we offer Women’s Self Defense workshops. Please check for the upcoming options here:
  • Do kids and adults train together?
    No, for safety reasons and also to ensure that students are receiving the best and most appropriate instruction, our programs are separated into Youth programs and Adult programs. We consider students 16+ adults.
  • Why is Tsun Jo® an evolution in martial art?
    Tsun Jo® includes concepts and strategies that are highly advanced and unique. Further, out of the thousands of moves found in martial arts, Tsun Jo® has combined only moves that have the highest percentages of success while ensuring these moves fit cohesively together so that they are seamlessly adaptable. Tsun Jo® has been rigorously developed, drawing from a large variety of martial arts' principals found in various systems including Wing Chun, Judo, Jui Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Krav Maga and more. However, hundreds of "low percentage" moves used in many of those arts are eliminated, leaving only the essential high percentage moves. The moves selected have been altered or refined and the principles are often applied differently than found in those other systems. The training methods have very strict criteria for what is used. This all results in vast improvements for our overall purpose which is survival self-defense. In real-world conflict, it is critical to have an approach to self-protection that successfully ends an altercation as quickly as possible while minimizing any damage taken and ideally strives for taking no damage at all. Tsun Jo® has been developed with that goal in mind using clear strategies combined with high result-producing training methods.
  • What makes Tsun Jo® different?
    From the beginning, the Tsun Jo® Martial Arts System has distinguished itself from all other martial arts systems by focusing on what is absolutely essential. Most martial arts systems include moves or practices that may or may not be relevant to protecting oneself in a real self-defense situation. Tsun Jo® is unique in that it... 1) requires moves that have a very high percentage chance of success. 2) adapts even if the initial move is not immediately successful and maximizes the natural elements of gravity, momentum and force to complement power and efficiency. 3) is taught from a realistic understanding that moves function for multiple purposes. This is critical to be able to protect from a large variety of attacks and respond in the short time it takes to counterattack and gain advantage. Tsun Jo® starts with strategy, then stacks advantages upon advantages to give the ultimate fighter's edge in street situations where self-defense is needed.
  • Is the training safe? Is the training realistic?
    Although there is inherent risk in training all martial arts, we have an excellent safety record. This is achieved by having every student, regardless of previous experience, go through this method step by step. How fast each student advances is up to the individual, but everyone starts at the same place. This ensures quality training in a safe environment. As each student progresses, the level of intensity is raised safely because the skill and control is there to complement the realism of the training.​
  • Guidelines and Principles of Tsun Jo®
    Below is a partial list of the guidelines and principles of Tsun Jo®. Students employ and embody these principles to adapt to whatever situation is at hand. - Step by step training methods - Simultaneous offense and defense - Using Gravity as a complement to technique - Working to undermine the opponent's balance - Maintaining a squared up position so both arms have equal reach to the opponent. - At close range. Using high pressure contact as the primary means of response, i.e.“sticking” or "sensing" Sight becomes a secondary method of response at this range. - At outside ranges, sight response is the primary tool. - Simple, effective footwork is used to gain a positional advantage for counterattacking, closing the gap and sticking. - Interrupting the opponent's move before it reaches full speed and - power is called "jamming" and it is used extensively. - The opponent's force, energy or commitment is considered an asset to be taken advantage of whenever possible. - Mental strategies that enhance fast decision processes are utilized. - Positive and negative effects of fear as they relate to self-defense. - The emotional aspect of confrontation as it relates to self defense. - Moves are refined to eliminate wasted motion and to maximize speed, power, balance and position. Tsun Jo® training methods and philosophy are very realistic. Moves are used that complement and work with the natural structure and nervous system. As a general rule, the legs defend against most kicking attacks, and the hands and arms defend against most striking attacks. The ready stance incorporates the elements of surprise, mobility, and the use of gravity. The fighting posture and stance are designed to minimize openings and target areas. It provides a high level of mobility and is ideal for the integration of offensive and defensive moves. It is also ideal for striking, low kicking, pressure control and standing grappling. This is also very effective for weapons use or defense against weapons. Tsun Jo® is primarily an empty hand method of fighting although understanding the use of clubs, knives and firearms is also an important aspect of skill development. In Tsun Jo® schools, students are courteous and train safely. Instructors treat students with respect and work closely with them to ensure they are making progress and developing the skills intended. Proper interaction with training partners can serve as a model for positive participation within the larger human community.
  • You have a new location? Where is it?
    Starting September 1, 2023 we will be moving to a new location at 10439 Holman Road North, Seattle, WA 98133. This location is ideal situated for Green Lake, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, Maple Leaf, North Gate and Shoreline neighborhood access. We currently building out the space so if you drive by it, pardon the mess please! It will be a great training center for years to come once it is finished at the end of August 2023! We will have training bags, mook jongs, exercise equipment, a cold plunge and more. Come check it out! As part of our celebration, we are offering a FREE 2-hour self-defense class on September 2, 2023 from 10a -12p. Sign up at Questions, send us an email at
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