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Tsun Jo® Adult Classes
at Greenlake Martial Arts School

Enjoy highly effective self defense training that covers how to position your body, strike and kick efficiently and overwhelm the opponent. With an excellent safety record, our students receive top-notch training in a result-producing environment. Experienced instructors work with students to ensure they are making progress and developing the skills intended. ​

Want to begin training in-person?  Students should take these two steps:
1. Attend either a Tsun Jo® Self Defense Orientation Class, or a New Student 2-Week Trial.
These are held regularly.  Check the schedule page for details.  
2. At the end of the session, sign up for membership here for  ongoing training up to four days per week.


Self Defense​ 

Tsun Jo® is a strategy based martial art that helps the practitioner develop the most of what he or she has to maximize self defense.  The style largely descended from Bruce Lee's adapted Wing Chun Kung Fu.  The goal of Tsun Jo® is for survival fighting & is intended for ending an altercation as quickly as possible without taking damage. It focuses on what is absolutely essential. It does not contain forms of any kind. The training methods used such as a partner work, multiple striking and kicking surfaces and equipment, as well as other unique training methods have proven to provide the best results for time invested.

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