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superHERO youth martial arts
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Virtual superHERO

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Our interactive virtual superHERO™ program is a 12-week on demand video series where students will learn valuable skills such as self-defense, goal setting, accountability, strength training exercises, and creativity.  

What you get when you purchase a Virtual superHERO membership


A customizable comic book where students are guided through material to create their own heroes and origin stories and become their own superHERO!


24 interactive videos where students learn Tsun Jo® Kung Fu to develop excellent self defense skills as well as guided strength exercises to build up their power needed to defeat villains!

superHERO Comic Book


A progress tracker where students earn rewards for practicing!

superHERO Video Example

Tsun Jo Youth Student Meditating
Youth Martial Arts On Demand
Tsun Jo® Wing Chun Kung Fu
(6-14 yrs) 
Martial arts can produce some of the most beneficial habits and training a child can have. There are few things, if any, that are likely to instill the positive attitude, self discipline and future success habits of a good martial arts school.
Youth Classes
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Martial arts training for kids is to help them to develop self discipline, help them become mentally and physically self reliant and confident, and help them have a positive attitude about themselves and their future. It is to help them grow up safely.
Benefits of long term martial arts training often include:

  • Self defense knowledge and skills

  • Increased consideration of others

  • Self discipline and follow through on goals

  • Increased politeness

  • Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Better grades

  • Strong perseverance and resilience

  • Emotional and mental control

  • A more mature attitude

  • Increased confidence

  • Greater physical coordination, strength and flexibility

  • Accident prevention skills

  • Greater overall awareness

  • Better interactive and communication skills

  • Increased respect for self, parents, teachers and others

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