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TSUN JO® Member
  • Options for Tsun Jo ® Members includes: In-person memberships, Video Access Only memberships and Combined memberships with different options:  in-person + online + video, or video + online.

  • If you are new to Tsun Jo, we recommend taking an in-person seminar first if possible.  All new in-person students are required to begin with a 2-hour self defense seminar.  

  • Our Tsun Jo video program offers on demand content geared toward existing or past students looking to reinforce good training habits and clarify moves.  

  • Currently there are videos from each of our main topics including blocks / deflections, kicking, striking, standing grappling, footwork and more.  

  • New videos and content will be uploaded every month. 


This is an on-demand video product that can be accessed immediately upon purchasing.   (For in-person training, check the schedule page)  

The first part offers insights and practical information to better arm you with how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations,     and simple effective ways to clarify the infinite grey of situations we need navigate in today’s world to remain safe.  


The second part is a breakdown of physical skills that are easy to learn, simple to employ and proven to work in real world situations where self defense is needed. 


24 interactive videos where students learn Tsun Jo® Kung Fu to develop excellent self defense skills as well as guided strength exercises to build up their power needed to defeat villains!

A customizable comic book where students are guided through material to create their own heroes and origin stories and become their own superHERO!

A progress tracker where students earn rewards for practicing!