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The Women’s Self Defense classes, lead by Instructor Fiona Morgan, will cover the most essential and effective self defense moves known.   The curriculum includes a combination of skills and knowledge that is easy to remember and simple to employ.  This can add up to a transformative awareness for self defense.  


Introductory classes are two hours long, while focus classes are 60 minutes.  If you choose to book private/semi-private lessons, there is flexibility allowing for 30−120 minutes for each session depending on your needs and goals.  The training is very informative and well structured.  Only effective moves are taught.  Each participant will be provided with handouts so that important information can be reviewed again after the workshop.


The benefits of greater peace of mind, preparedness and confidence can really make a difference!


  • Learn the Essentials

  • Train Safe to Be Safe

  • Build Confidence

  • Have Fun

  • Bring a Friend


Yes! You can do it!  You will work within your level of fitness and energy.  This Class is Fun!


Read what past participants have had to say:


"I attended the Women's Self-Defense Workshop, and having little to no knowledge of martial arts, I had no idea what to expect. Well, this class was a blast! I learned so much, the instructors were patient (very important to strong but uncoordinated people like me!), and I left the session fully energized and armed with great techniques. Highly recommended and fun." ~ Rae


"Great fun and a helluva workout. This also confirmed that I am a lot stronger than coordinated - gotta work on the latter."   ~Arlene


"This was really fun! I'm definitely going back." ~Diane


"Fantastic!" ~Ryan


"I so want to keep doing this! MUCH better than working out by myself on treadmill!" ~Shannon



Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.  Please do not wear any rings or other jewelry while training.  If you bring a purse or a small bag, there will be a safe place to put this during the class.  


Location & Parking:

The entrance to the school is through the parking lot between The Little Red Hen and Shelter restaurant. Follow the signs down the stairs to get to our studio. Paid parking is available on the street right in front of the school, or for free two blocks north and east of the school. Parking in Green Lake can sometimes require a few extra minutes on the weekends so please plan accordingly - PCC is a good alternative (they offer up to 90 minutes validated parking with any purchase).  The parking lot directly in front of the school is owned and operated by The Little Red Hen. Please DO NOT park in that lot. Unauthorized parking can result in tickets or towing at owner’s expense.  


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