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Student Testimonials
Brad S.

“As a first time student of the martial arts, this school has everything I'm looking for.  The techniques are practical, effective and physically challenging w/out being brutal.  The instructors are knowledgeable, attentive and sincere in helping students reach their goals.  And most importantly there's a positive spirit and camaraderie at GMA that makes learning easier and being there fun.”

Mona W.

“I've been a student at this wonderful school for over a year now, and it's one of the best choices I've ever made with my life. As a single mom I felt very vulnerable living with my daughter on my own. I initially came to the school for some basic self-defense skills, to get in shape, and quite honestly because it was close to home. I ended up not only exceeding my goals, but being inspired over and over again by both the people who teach, and the people who train hard here every day. They check their egos at the door and treat each other with compassion and respect. The equipment they supply at the school and sell to their students is safe, quality and fairly priced, and the tuition is the best bang for the buck. I particularly appreciate the uniform policy because I think it creates an environment of solidarity without the physical distractions of training at a regular gym. The curriculum at the school is solid, effective and adaptable to people of every size and age. I felt intimidated at first... this is not an easy style of martial art to learn... but I stuck with it and the benefits have been numerous. These days I'm feeling more confident and capable, I have more energy, and am in better shape than I was in my 20's. Best of all, I've met some truly amazing people that I'm proud to call my friends."

Former US Army Ranger / Special Operator - Marty S.

“Once, while assigned to the U.S Embassy in Israel; I witnessed a friend use Wing Chun as we were attacked at an open air market in the town of Jaffa. Later, I learned that this was a variation of the traditional style. My friend’s explanation has long ago faded from my memory, but I never forgot what I saw. The fluidity and power of this style had made an impression on me.

A decade later, after leaving the high tempo life of the Army, I was bored. In need of a challenge, I searched for a martial arts school that reflected what I saw years earlier on that hot August night in Israel. I found Green Lake Martial Arts. What I discovered was a welcoming group of people who really knew

what they were doing. The instruction was top-notch, challenging while remaining positive.

No forms or long philosophy lectures. The new student is immediately introduced to skills that are practical and simple to employ.

The facility is clean and well run by Instructor Matt Soule and the other staff. This is not always the case in other schools. As a former platoon sergeant, I have had other martial arts training. It had its place and usefulness but

Tsun Jo is truly unique. Movements are powerful, efficient and demoralizing for an opponent. 

Students are also privileged to receive instruction from its founder, John N. Beall. Unlike most schools, where the founder is little more than a picture on the wall at the top of a lineage chart, Sijo Beall is present and active in GMA student development. It is rare to be able to train with the master and founder of an art. His knowledge comes from decades of training and real life experiences.

There is no better school in the Pacific Northwest for non-sport fight training."

Jake L.​

When you're walking down the street and you see someone who looks threatening, do you have a plan?  A set of skills, basic or advanced, that you can call upon to respond effectively?  After training in a "traditional" martial art for 7 years, I didn't feel I could answer yes to that question.  If that person attacked me in a specific way with the right kind of momentum I could use my training.  But that left about a million other ways for me to get knocked down and beat up. 

When I read about  the approach at this school, I immediately identified.  I wanted to have skills to respond to any kind of attack, not just attacks from people who trained in the same particular art as me.

I've been at the school for 3 years now and couldn't be happier.  The mix of great people, welcoming environment and a comprehensive system of fighting has been exactly what I wanted.


Nubia R.

“I'm writing as a parent of two kids (9,11) who attend the children's class. They have been attending for several months now and the experience has been everything I hoped for going in. The instructors have an amazing way of teaching without coddling or being harsh. They respect the students, acknowledge their difficulties, and encourage improvement with calm enthusiasm... I love this place.”

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