Women's Tsun Jo®®


Women's* Tsun Jo mixes our standard class curriculum with self-defense scenarios that women are more likely to encounter, providing an extremely practical skill set for women who want protect themselves, defend others, and kick ass. 


This class is a great opportunity to train with a group of strong, enthusiastic, and supportive women who are dedicated to advancing their Tsun Jo skills and helping their fellow students along the way. Students work together to train, excel, and have fun! 


In addition to physical self-defense skills, this class also promotes techniques that are beneficial in common everyday situations. These include setting boundaries, building confidence, and cultivating the mindset that your safety never comes second to anyone or anything. Scenario training in class includes a mix of verbal and physical skills - like any skill set, practice makes you stronger!


Women's Tsun Jo is open to students of all levels, whether you've been training at GMA for years or have never studied martial arts, whether you're 14 or 114 (teen students younger than 14 who currently train at GMA are also welcome to join).


Questions? Contact Instructor Fiona Morgan, or call Greenlake Martial arts at (206) 522-2457

Students train during "Fancy Dress" week, because we want to be prepared to defend ourselves in whatever we're wearing!