Martial Arts teen classes and self-defense Seattle
Teen Martial Arts Classes (12-15 yrs)

Training in martial arts can contribute to a child’s life in many ways. Our Teen 

class focuses on developing a great self-defense skill set and keeps kids active by training in Tsun Jo® Wing Chun and ground defense based largely on no-gi jiu jitsu. The program also includes developing greater awareness and skills to recognize and avoid dangerous situations. 


Benefits of long term martial arts training often includes the following:

  • Self defense knowledge and skills

  • Increased consideration of others

  • Self discipline and follow through on goals

  • Increased politeness

  • Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Better grades

  • Strong perseverance and resilience

  • Emotional and mental control

  • A more mature attitude

  • Increased confidence

  • Greater physical coordination, strength and flexibility

  • Accident prevention skills

  • Greater overall awareness

  • Better interactive and communication skills

  • Increased respect for self, parents, teachers and others




Teen classes are offered at the following times:
Monday 5:30pm Online 

Monthly intensives on designated Saturdays

Currently Mondays are online through Zoom; In-person for vaccinated teens only.