Matthew Soule is the Owner and Head Instructor of Greenlake Martial Arts, and a Senior Certified Instructor and Black Belt of Tsun Jo® under System Founder, Sijo John N Beall. In addition to Tsun Jo®, Matt has been actively training in submission grappling since 2009.  Matt is a martial artist dedicated to learning and evolving, actively crosstraining in other martial arts disciplines and weapons handling.  His weapon’s training includes Tsun Jo® adapted Kali sticks as well as use and disarms of pistol, rifle, knife, stick, pipe and other common street weapons.


Teaching Philosophy

Matt brings patience, positivity and careful insight to each student, paying close attention to maximize results. Because of the wide range and depth of his background, he is able to dissect movement in a highly specialized way. This, combined with his love of teaching, allows him to approach each student with care and high quality feedback, empowering students to grow and develop in their practice.  He believes that it is critical to find the balance between pushing students and supporting them to achieve optimal results. Learn more here.  


“My teaching goal is to provide the highest value instruction you can possibly receive. That means whether you are training with me, or any one of our other certified instructors, you will be sure to get exceptional feedback to assist you in your training. We all have a training for life attitude. Come down to the training room to get the results you are after.”  


Early Martial Arts Background


He grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, amidst a prevalent fighting culture. Continual exposure to both street and early home violence, led him to pursue martial arts, conflict resolution strategies, and meditation from an early age.


As a kid, Matt was first exposed to martial arts by his father who trained and competed in amateur kickboxing and karate.  His father enrolled him first in youth kickboxing and Kenpo karate, and later in wrestling.  In his twenties, Matt worked as a bodyguard.  


Over the course of his life Matt has trained in a variety of methods, both traditional and modern.

In the early 2000s, Matt's primary focus was traditional and Wing Chun and other modern Wing Chun methods. After moving to Seattle, Matt began training Tsun Jo® under the direction of esteemed founder and director, Sijo John N. Beall and has dedicated himself to the development of this art since.  

As an active martial artist, Matt seeks to challenge and push himself at every opportunity. Wanting a deeper understanding of ground defense, he began cross-training submission wrestling in 2009.    


The Wim Hof Method

In 2016, Matt became a Certified Instructor of the Wim Hof Method. He was part of the first group of U.S. instructors and early pioneers to help bring this method to the world. 

Matthew Soule – Owner and Head Instructor